Paros Island

Paros is the heart of the Aegean Sea, as it is one of the central islands of the group known as the Cyclades, opposite Antiparos. If you are looking for tranquility, relaxation, sun, sea and an unspoilt island, there is no destination more suitable than Paros island. Beautiful traditional villages full of colors, sandy beaches and the hospitable inhabitants of Paros, will make Paros your most loved place in Greece. Lovers of good food will be amazed by the flavors of local and Mediterranean cuisine and the good local wine. Paros can offer many activities combined with fun and relaxation to its visitors all-year.

Naoussa Village

The apartments are located in the largest and most cosmopolitan village of Paros, Naoussa. Thousands of tourists visit the village of Naoussa during the summer to taste the combination of tradition and luxury that Naoussa provides. The best bars and taverns, as well as the most famous beaches of the island like Kolympithres and Santa Maria are in Naoussa.

The island of your dreams

The island of Paros can offer its visitor activities like kite surf, hiking, biking, skuba diving as well as organized daily cruises and countless other options for you to choose from. Discover all these at the travel guide